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 Adena Heartfilia the Cape Fox

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Adena the Fox
Adena the Fox

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PostSubject: Adena Heartfilia the Cape Fox   Adena Heartfilia the Cape Fox EmptyTue Jan 31, 2012 6:21 pm

Adena Heartfilia the Cape Fox

Name: Adena Heartfilia
Nicknames: None
Gender: Female
Species: Cape Fox
Age: 16
Date Of Birth: 15/4/96
Birth Place: Green Forest
Current Residence: Apartment in Seaside Hill
Physical Appearance: Orange fur, Waist length Rainbow coloured hair and a white muzzle
Clothing: A light blue hoodie, a purple skirt, black fingerless gloves, black boots and red and black striped socks.

Social Status: Single

Friends: Punk, Slade, Aqua and Kat.
Rivals: Flame the Fox
Enemies: The hedgehog who cursed her at birth.
Marital Status: None.
Crush: None.
Lover: None.

Parents: Father- Igneel
Mother- Scarlette
Siblings: None
Other Family Members: She thinks of her friends as family :3

Abilites/Skills: Pyrokinesis and Psychokinesis

Weapons: Occasionally carries a sword with her, but only if necessary.
Element: Fire and Psychokinesis.
Armor: When she clicks her heels together wheels come out the bottom of her boots and when she snaps her fingers her boots allow her to hover (Similar to Shadows).


Super- Activated by the 7 Chaos Emeralds

Overheated- Triggered by sadness, anger, or desperate to win.

Curse Mark- When close to death a curse given to her turns her into a killing machine that cannot be stopped, the true Adena is locked within the corrupted Adena's mind which is a black and read room with a screen showing what the corrupt Adena is destroying and/or killing.
Other: Sneaking, dodging and has very high agility and stamina.

Strengths: Inhaling fire gives her more destructive power and energy.

Weaknesses: Her cocky "head first" attitude.

Personalities: Confident, Mischievous and full of herself.

With Strangers: Friendly
With Family: Quiet
With Friends: Towards females she is kind and normal, towards males she tends to tease them and act childish and immature.
With Rivals: Over the top and competitive.
With Enemies: More serious and not so childish.


Likes: Listening to music, drawing, roller blading and being with friends.
Food: Preferably spicy food.
Drink: Cream Soda.
Other: Teasing people and sleeping.
Talents: Was told once by Aqua she was a good singer. She also makes comic books of her adventures for a living.

Theme Songs:

Main Theme: "Playing God" by Paramore and "Why Should I worry?" By Billy Joel.

Battle Theme: Natsu's theme from Fairy Tail.

Victory Theme: None

Defeated Theme: None

She was born in Green Forest (SA2), in a little town called Laken. At birth a mysterious Falcon appeared and placed a curse on her. She has a mark on her right shoulder, which appeared after the curse was placed on her. When she reached the age of 16 she decided to leave the forest and do something with her life. She reached City Escape, but had no idea what to do. While she was sitting on the side of the path, drawing in her sketch book, a gust of wind came and blew her book away. Adena chased her book and it took her to a beach, where she saw a hedgehog shouting at a little kid to give him a chaos emerald, which they both apparently found first. Adena tried to break up the fight but she couldn't stop them by just talking, and out of nowhere a flaming torrent came out one hand, and a blast of psychic energy out the other, blasting the two away from the emerald. After blowing away the two, she turned to the emerald but it was gone, all that was left was a little shard of the emerald. Adena picked it up and saw all of the good that the emerald had brought to people. The shard inspired Adena to make comic books of what she saw, but it wasn't enough, she had to make some adventure of her own.
Adena now uses the shard as a lucky charm.
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Adena Heartfilia the Cape Fox
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