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 Hero's of Daearen

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PostSubject: Hero's of Daearen   Tue Jan 31, 2012 8:32 pm

Long ago in a world beset by war and complete annihilation by the agents of the Void. The Void's legion was led by a mysterious hooded man known only as Demigod, Grand Caller of the Void master. Demigod sought and convinced many great warriors and leaders to succumb to the void, showing them the inevitable end of the world. He brought with him four champions from the void to help do his bidding by defeating the many lands champions. One by one the champions of light fell, until a group of Hero's stepped forward to put an end to the madness.

The hero's came from many local and distant lands such as, Titanus, the Kingdom of the Children of Sol. This kingdom is inhabited by humans and is a three level city, meaning there is a lower, mid, and Castle grounds. Angelus del Sol, A land ruled by an angelic like race, living only on the deserts and grassy planes. Their Cities are a site to behold and very large, Their temples are built in the desert mountains on the peaks closest to the sun. The Savage lands, A home to the animal like races. The landscape is harsh, with Large forests, swamps, and freezing mountains.

Their battles wagged all over the planet, but, there were other hero's other than the Champion's of light. The hero's though few were known as the Legend's of Daearen and their stories are of legend. Their story begins here, in the land of Titanus, within the castle prison.

((I'll now begin the actual rp by bringing you all in one at a time. Remember to read the rules of this rp and please enjoyd))
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Hero's of Daearen
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