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 Important announcement!

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PostSubject: Important announcement!   Mon Feb 06, 2012 12:06 am

This is a more serious rp that anyone may join, with a few rules for this one.
The rule are as follows,
1: Only one character must be used for this rp unless you have a spectator in the crowd as your second choice.
2: No getting ahead of everyone else.
3:No Auto hits, please make your attacks and play fair.Also no one can dodge or block everything so, no god mod either.
4:I will advance things along to the next step if you win or lose.

This is a tournament styled rp basically I am doing a contest to which of you gets a free art commission done by myself. Also you'll get a chance at landing a spot in one of my comic books aiding the main cast in their adventure.

Winning this tournament lands your character a single wish this wish can go towards the ending outcome of this rp and can make or break characters, so wish carefully. Also, since this is a serious thing I am going to post it so that you must post more than one line of dialog. I need people to show their talent as Role players in this one in order to determine your character's attribute when I draw them. If there are any questions please leave me a Pm and I'll get back to you when I can. [b]The rp is called "Road to Ruin"
I wish you all luck and please have as much fun as possible.
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Important announcement!
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