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     Sparknish the Hedgehog

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    Join date : 2012-02-06
    Age : 20
    Location : In Mobuis

    PostSubject: Sparknish the Hedgehog   Mon Feb 06, 2012 10:14 pm

    Name: Sparknish "Spark(y)" the Hedgehog
    Birth Date:October 18th 1997
    Se'xu'al Preference: Straight
    Planet: Mobuis: A planet where Anapromophic Animals live and frolic.

    -Eye Color:Brown
    -Hair Color:Brown
    -Hair Style: 6 Elongated Spines coming from the pack of the his head.
    -Height: 6"2
    -Weight: 184 Pounds.
    -Other Features: A Golden-Yellow Lighting-Bolt Stripe on the Spines starting at the base of his forehead
    -Clothes:Brown Jacket with Golden-Yellow Highlights. Usually half-zipped.
    -Shoes:Sonic-Style of Sneakers that are Brown and a Lightning Bolt Buckle
    -Gloves:Brown, Ripped
    -Other: Nothing that I know of.

    Social Standing:

    Occupation:Eccentric Billionaire and Engineer.

    Hobbies: Engineering, Inventing, Building/Fixing.

    Likes:Skye, Hanging out, Sleeping, Hot Cocoa

    Dislikes: VERY VERY VERY Spicy Stuff, Anyone being mean/rude to his friends.

    Strengths: Calm under pressure and Lightning.

    Weaknesses: Water, if used directly against him, Espeically deadly when he is charging up. When ANY of his friends are Hurt BADLY by a Enemy He is on the Verge of Insanity and Berserkness.

    Personality: Basically your Normal Person.

    History/Background::Being from Carnival Night you'd think that I'd be a clown.
    I'm not. Anyway I was born in Carnival Night by Cole the Hedgehog and Kuo the Hedgehog. I've been raised a good kid. No Bad Grades or Divorces.
    But that all changed one day.
    (5 years old)
    Dr. Robotnik had Attacked Carinval Night with his Badniks.
    Mom and Dad advised me not to go near them. They went near me.
    I was walking around one day and I noticed it.
    Unaware of what was going to happen I walk to it to get a closer look.
    It seemed deactivated so I touched it.
    I never felt that much pain in my life.
    I had to fight back so I "willed" my Power to kill it.
    It popped open to a fainted rabbit.
    I was still awestruck on what happened.
    I told my parents and trained with it all my life.
    My father: Cole, who already had electric powers thought I never was going to inherit his powers. He helped me train also.
    By the time I was 13 I got into Mechanics and Inventing.
    I had made my Amp and used it ever since.
    Then.. Spark met Skye at 17.
    In his head he thought that "When you see your true love. Time Stops."
    That's Exactly what happened in Spark's Mind.
    Skye was a little skeptical at first but then Warmed up to Spark.
    They became Lovers and she now lives in his House

    Weapon of Choice:Fists and Feet, Amp.
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    Sparknish the Hedgehog
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