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 The End Time

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PostSubject: The End Time   Thu Feb 09, 2012 12:54 am

Name: Babylon the End time
Age: Ancient
Gender: none
Birth Date: Created by Hakumen and The Adviser
Se'xu'al Preference: none
Race: Greater Daemon
Planet: Anywhere he is summoned

-Eye Color: none
-Hair Color: none
-Hair Style: none
-Height: Fifty-one stories tall (That's half the size of the Empire state building)
-Weight: unmeasurable
-Clothes: none
-Shoes: none
-Gloves: none
-Other: Metallic armor placed in strategic places on around his body, a rocket launcher attached to his right arm and a heavy armored jet pack to help him get around faster

Social Standing: none

Occupation: none

Hobbies: none

Likes: His master's will

Dislikes: all things living

Strengths: Practically mindless beast that does what he is ordered, Hell's fire and an infinite supply of hell rockets.

Weaknesses: None known of yet.

Personality: A practically mindless monster, his anger and madness to destroy the living.

History/Background: His entire existence after his creation was to destroy and kill the living world. The idea came from the mysterious Adviser and was given life by the God of the Void Hakumen as he is known by mortal men. If he were to be unleashed unto the world it would mean the end of all thing living.

*Misc: Theme song: Epic Score - Prepare For The End

Weapon of Choice: Rocket launcher, fire breath, and his body.


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The End Time
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