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 Slade the Hedgehog

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PostSubject: Slade the Hedgehog   Slade the Hedgehog EmptyMon Jan 30, 2012 10:43 pm

Name: Slade
Nicknames: Renegade
Age: 16
Birth Place: Station Square
Current Residence: He currently has two mansions that are located in Mobius, one is near Station Square, and the other is on the Emerald Coast

Social Status:Reclusive, quiet sometimes.
Friends: Aqua, Punk, and more when they join
Rivals:none, yet
Enemies: Eggman
Marital Status: Dating Aqua
Crush: Aqua
Lover: Aqua
Parents: Never knew them
Siblings: none
Other Family Members: none
Job: Under cover cop

Weapons: Sawn-off double barrel shotgun and dual smith&wesson 500s.
Element: Fire, earth, and particle construction.
Armor: White t-shirt, black leather jacket with torn off sleeves, and a motorcycle that can do almost anything
Forms: Dark
Other: Good mechanic and good with technology.

Normal for when fully clothed:

You cant see his arms.

Strengths: Fire and being on the ground
Personalities: Friendly and Hostile

Normal most of the time unless one of his robotic limbs starts to malfunction
With Strangers: Quiet, sometimes hostile
With Family: Normal
With Friends: Good towards friends and always helps when needed
With Rivals: Show off
With Enemies: Hostile


Food: Any meat
Drink: Mountain Dew, Rootbeer, and Cream soda
Other: Sleeping, messing around with friends, working on anything with a motor

Food: Vegies
Drink: None
Other: People that bug him

Theme Songs:

Main Theme: Dream on - Aerosmith
Battle Theme: Me against the world- Simple Plan
Victory Theme: Renegade- Styx
Defeated Theme: Unknown because it has never been heard

Slade originally started out as a regular hedgehog living in Mobius until he signed up for testing and something went wrong. The program that was being used had somehow found its way into Sade's mind and corrupted it. After that he broke out of the testing facility and now lives life on his own trying to gain his memory back. Since the day his mind was corrupted, he has always had second side to him that no one has ever been able to see. When seen, Slade is usually wearing a white t-shirt, black leather jacket and a sawn-off shotgun that he keeps strapped to his back, and he uses a gloss black 1969 Dodge Charger for his mode of transportation. Around a year after his mind became corrupted, he was in a motorcycle accident that was caused by some idiot and it left both arms and his left leg unusable so they were removed and mechanical limbs were put in place of them. He doesn't fight for good or evil unless he has something to gain and he is able to control fire and the only friends he has are the people that follow him and he can be a bit cocky at some times. He is also a cop. He uses different types of transportation but his main mode of transportation is a 1969 dodge charger that he converted into a cop car when he feels like it. It is known by very few that he is a cop.
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Slade the Hedgehog
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