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PostSubject: Adalwolfa Edelstein   Adalwolfa Edelstein EmptyTue Jan 31, 2012 5:53 pm

Name:Adalwolfa Edelstein
Nicknames: Orchid (Given to her by her father)
Gender: Female
Species: Spirit Wolf
Age: 17
Birth Place: Crystal Cave
Current Residence: Crystal Cave Castle

Social Status:

Friends: The Setsuna royal family
Rivals: Kazuki Setsuna (She claimed him to be her rival
Enemies: Hakumen and Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik
Marital Status: Single
Crush: none
Lover: none
Parents: Gunther Edelstein(Her father) Faye Eldestein(Her mother)

Appearance:Adalwolfa Edelstein Attachment
(This was drawn by my friend and colored by me but, I take no credit X3)
Abilites/Skills: Aura of the Spirit Wolf: Adalwolfa's spirit is so strong that she gives off an aura that healing all nearby allies slowly. Dazzling growth: Adalwolfa hardens crystals around her, providing armor
for herself and nearby allies. Radiant burst: Adalwolfa shatters the crystals surrounding her, dealing spirit damage to nearby enemies and decreasing their defenses at the cost of losing her armor. Aura of the Crystal spirit: Adalwolfa stomps on the ground dealing spirit damage to nearby enemies and she receives an aura that grants nearby allied champions the ability to take this aura. The Aura heals them slowly and grants them armor overtime but, only lasts twenty seconds.
Weapons: Crystalline Nunchucks
Element: Crystals and Auras
Armor: None until Dazzling growth is used
Other: Martial arts

Strengths: Cold weather allows her to charge her spirit energy quick and she is able to speak to the earth.
Weaknesses: Absolute darkness and Chaos emeralds


With Strangers: Shy but friendly and a little clumsy at times.
With Family: Caring and nurturing
With Friends: Friendly and outspoken, calling them on mistakes but, tries not to over do it.
With Rivals: Quiet but, very energetic and friendly towards them.
With Enemies: Stoic, reserved, and focused. But she is still kindhearted towards them.

Food: Soups(Mostly Chowders though) and Chocolate
Drink: Hot drinks (Coffee being her favorite)
Other: Her sash given to her by her Father.

Food: anything slimy or sour
Drink: anything sour or bitter
Other: Extreme heat and dark places

Main Theme:: You're Not Alone ~ fan vocal version (can be found on youtube)
Battle Theme: Battle Not Alone! (youtube first video I think)
Victory Theme:ESPA√ĎA CANI
Defeated Theme: Lilium - Music Box (Done by Nigel868)

Backstory: Adalwolfa family was not born of royalty, in the beginning her father(Gunther) was a humbled monk of their kingdom taking the everyday with practice of martial arts,meditation, and Terrakinesis. Her mother was a devote soldier of their kingdom and was saught after by many men in the high class including, the king. One day the king had enough and challenged Gunther for Faye's(Her mother) hand in marriage. Gunther protested the idea at first but, when push came to shove Gunther gave in and accepted the challenge. The duel lasted only two minuets and the results were clear that Gunther was the superior warrior of the two, But the king was adiment and tried to kill Gunther while his back was turned, this turned out to be a fatal mistake, as Gunther's spirit had sensed his attack. Gunther quickly channeled his spirit and turned to one side and pressed one palm into the kings chest, forcing all of his energy through the king. The King colapsed onto the floor dead. The kingdom acknowledged Gunther as the strongest of them and deemed him worthy to be king.

Three years later they had Adalwolfa or, as they nicknamed her, Orchid because of her purple tint to her fur. Orchid grew fast and became very adept in Terrakinesis and a multitude of martial arts, all of which she learned from her father. She eventually picked up armed combat with her mother on her tenth birthday, as a gift from her parents they forged for her the finest weapon to fit her style of fighting and spirit better. A pair of nunchucks made from Spirit crystals and filled with her mother's spirit energy. When Orchid became sixteen her parents left to fight the robotic forces of Dr, Robotnik she was left alone with only her advisers and knights for company. A year had past and she still had heard no word of her parents, she had become a very quiet and shy person but, never losing her kind heart. Orchid was never sad for she knew one day they would return to her and their kingdom, to bring back the shine of the crystals of their people and homes.
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Adalwolfa Edelstein
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