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PostSubject: Kazuki Setsuna   Kazuki Setsuna EmptyWed Feb 01, 2012 2:41 pm

Name: Kazuki Setsuna
Nicknames: Rekka Kagetsu
Gender: Male
Species: Wolf
Age: 24
Date Of Birth: unknown
Birth Place: At the base of crystal Mountain and peak
Current Residence: In a volcanic valley

Friends: Deceased (All killed by the hands of the Harbinger of the Void)
Rivals: Mizu Setsuna
Enemies: Hakumen
Marital Status: Single
Lover: Deceased
Parents: Gregory, Nol, Setsuna(His father) Tanaka, Setsuna(His mother)
Siblings: Mizu Setsuna, Crush-Sword, Setsuna (Older and baby brother)

Team Status: No team as of yet

Team Name: No team as of yet
Team Members:No team as of yet
Team Leader:No team as of yet
Team Formation:No team as of yet
Team's Special Ailities: None

Apearance:Kazuki Setsuna Kagetsu

Weapons:His hands
Element: Fire
Armor: Hell rings (They not only protect him but, also help him control his powers)
Abilities: Pyrokinesis: The ability to create fire from thought and his own body's energy. Spontaneous combustion: Kazuki purposefully cause an energy build up within his own body and explodes teleporting him to a nearby location and harming his foes near the explosion. Hell's slide, Volcanic rise: His egnites his body with scorching flames and slides at his opponents feet knocking them into the air and right after which a pillar of fire surrounds him and his airborne foe engulfing them both but, only injuring his foe but, draining himself of energy in the process. Supernova: Much like Spontaneous Combustion, Kazuki builds his energy to unnatural levels and erupts and causes a small supernova about a mile wide. Unfortunately this would drain his life force ultimately killing him slowly.

Strengths: Remaining clam, enraged(Allows him to access unlimited power), eating, and meditating.
Weaknesses: Enraged(It clouds his judgement) being near beautiful women, drinking alcohol.


With Strangers: Quiet and usually withdrawn.
With Family: Well behaved until provoked
With Friends: Has no more friends left in the world
With Rivals: Excitement
With Enemies: Single-minded in there defeat but, becomes enraged as the fight drags on.

Food:No food is particularly his favorite, he'll eat anything placed in front of him.
Drink: Ginger tea
Other: Absolute balance in his fighting technique. His mother is his most prized possession on this earth

Food: None
Drink: Alcohols
Other: His Elder brother, Mizu

Main Theme: Sakura - Japanese folk music
Battle Theme: Sakura - Ddr remix of the original folk song

Backstory: As a child Kagetsu(Kazuki) the prince of the Holy grounds(Located in the Crystal mountain) had lived in harmony with his older brother Mizu, his mother Tanaka Setsuna, his little brother Crush-Sword Setsuna and his father a mighty Shin-obi called, Gregory Nol Setsuna/ "The Daemon Ninja" for his acceleration in the art of the Shin-obi. The family had lived in peace at the foot of a mountain in a village. For years the "Holy" grounds were untouched by time and outsiders until a war had spread across the land like a plague. The village had been attacked by many invaders such as Samurai and other Ninja clans but, one Samurai war lord would actually destroy this peaceful little village.

His name was Jin-Po and his blade and army was unbeaten, Kagetsu(Kazuki),his Elder brother Mizu, and his father Gregory. They battled for what seemed like days, "What a waste of time, I shall kill you and your pathetic race! If they're as weak as you are!" as Jin-Po raised his sword a gleam of light came upon his hand then surrounded his body. "What is this Magic!" then he was flung through a portal and the portal closed. Kagetsu rubbed his head and looked up and spotted his father standing in front of him then looked at the battle field no Samurai was left alive, "You foolish boy, You could've been killed! Go see to your mother, you have dishonored me and your clan." Kagetsu bowed his head and obeyed his father. Three years would pass before the village was rebuilt and the life was restored back to the way it was before. Kagetsu though had run away to seek higher power a power that would make his family respect him once more.
Kagetsu walked for years until finally stumbled upon the forbidden lands of his people, they called it Drudge marsh. "I have no idea why this place is so forbidden? I mean the locations great." he told himself sarcastically then continued to walk until he was to tired to continue so he leaned against a pile of rocks, "Where is this place?" just then the rocks began to shake and they fell through dragging him with them. He fell for quite a bit landing in what seemed to be an underground tomb belonging to the daemon warrior Dragen. Out of no where the daemon Warrior began to speak to him, giving him promises of riches and women but, he denied him and said he only searched for a power to rival that of his father's. With that he was granted to ring forged in hell's fire as soon as he placed them on he was transformed into the what he known as today, Rekka Kagetsu(The Raging fire of many months). He now roams the world searching for more power to defeat his brothers in combat.

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Kazuki Setsuna
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