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Star the Hedgehog

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PostSubject: Star Hedgehog   Star Hedgehog EmptyThu Apr 05, 2012 6:59 pm


Name: Star Hedgehog
Nicknames: None;Former Nickname,Starlight
Gender: Female
Species: Hedgehog
Age: 18
Date Of Birth: May 25
Birth Place: Unknown;Found in Shooting Star Village
Current Residence: Within Kazuki Setsuna's Kingdom thingy[ x3 ]

Friends: Anyone and Everyone;Star is very friendly and kind to all[Yet mainly Kazuki,Dyluke,Ziku and Eclipse are very close friends]
Rivals: None
Enemies: The one who killed her adopted family
Marital Status: Single
Lover: Kazuki Setsuna
Parents: Real parents unknown(Deceased) Adopted parents,James Hedgehog and Lilly Hedgehog(Deceased)
Siblings: Moon Hedgehog(Known as deceased to her)

Apearance:A young red hedgehog with sparkling and captivating blue eyes.She usually is seen wearing a ripped brown vest with a ripped blue muscle shirt underneath,with dark blue pants that[From knees down]Are covered with dark brown boots.Otherwise,she mainly wear muscle shirts[Preferably black or blue]with pants or shorts

Weapons:Her blade and her gun are usually for backup.She doesn't really like showing off her darkness,due to the fact that others may judge her

Strengths: Her darkness,and Niku

Weaknesses: Niku.When Niku is hurt,she is hurt.

With Strangers: Friendly and opened;She accepts all
With Family: None left
With Friends: Expresses herself
With Rivals: Sullen;Hostile
With Enemies: None

Food:FRUITS!!! \O/
Drink: Water,and from time to time,a bit of wine~
Other: Her friends,mainly Dyluke,Ziku,Kazuki,Eclipse,nd others who are close to her

Food: Food that has WAY too much grease.Other than that,anything is fine
Drink: Coke nd others related to it x3 Yet drinks it on occasion
Other: ---

Backstory: Star's childhood was and is still very strange to her.When she was an infant,not even a couple months old,her birth parents[Name,age,information unknown]were killed unexpectedly.However,just before one of her parents died or was murdered,one of them placed her in the ashes of a burned down house.Star was lucky however.She didn't even miss her daily meal,because James Hedgehog[later known as her foster daddy]stumbled across her.Surprised and shocked,He took Star home to his wife,Lilly,and surprisingly,her real blood brother Moon,who never knew of Stars' exsistance.After some debate,Lilly agreed to keep Star.Moon,who was excited about Star's arrival,named her,at first,Starlight,due to her blue eyes.Yet Lilly and James corrected it and named her Star,although Moon still referred to her as Starlight.Up to when Star was 8 and Moon was 10,everything was peaceful...until that bomb raid...

A couple of weeks before Stars' 8th birthday,Moon[Who loves experimenting with Darkness]Gave her a special gift:The gift of a longer,protective life.Moon had been testing out different ways that Darkness itself can benefit a mobian.So,after about two years,this young hedgehog created Niku,a darkness that was and still is a life source for Star.He placed Niku into Star through this very complex connection process,making her the strongest...fittest one in the family.Maybe Moon knew the bomb raid was going to hit,because,Star and Niku were the sole survivors of that unfortunate raid.

Niku urged Star on.He helped her through,even though most of his actions made her join unwanted attention.He made her steal at a young age,which wounded her.Made her become a stripper by the age of 16,even though she regretted it.Offered her up as a maid,to clean houses of the pervs.Star hated it all,yet even though she did,she would actually survive,making it by,eating and preserving food,and searched for her brother,Moon,who was seen alive by her now dead uncle.Although here,she never mentions it,she sneaks out at night,searching for her brother
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Star Hedgehog
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